No Minimum Order

At ColorPoet, we know how frustrating it is when you only have a few prints that you want to be fixed. Most companies require a minimum order fee to make it worth their while. While that's alright when you have a wedding or a family trip to edit, most of the time you have to come up with dozens of photos to send in just to take care of the handful of shots that you actually need fixed.

Take care of the handful of shots that you actually need fixed.

We understand that you only have a few shots to fix, and we'd love to take care of them for you – and only them. We don't demand a minimum order fee. If you only need five bucks worth, you got it. Only have six shots to edit? Send them in. Whether you have three or three hundred photos to edit, we charge editing services per shot no matter how many you need.

Fantastic! I am bowled over by the image quality and the speed of turnaround. You will be getting tons of files from me!

Tony Freeman

Wow! My clients will be thrilled! Great job, as always! Thanks for making me (and my clients) look so good!

Lisa Sullivan

As soon as I saw the first order come back I exhaled deeply and knew that I finally found the company I have been looking for.


This service will save me hours of tedious detailing so that I can get out there and do my job, and utilize my time to take great pictures.

Amy Wiley

I am BLOWN AWAY!!! I ----cannot---- believe that you were able to create the magic that you did. THANK YOU SO MUCH. My client is going to be amazed. THANK YOU!!!

D. from St. Cloud, MN