What We Do

You're busy with pictures to shoot
And then you have sorting and fixing to boot
We handle the touch-ups and fixes for you
Make each the right color and the right hue
You manage the smiles and memories best
And when you are done we'll handle the rest.

Add A Little Light

Are your pictures not too bright
And you want to have more light?
We'll turn up the sun
And when we're done
Your pictures will look just right.

Light Problems?

Did your subject have a light
On their left but not their right?
Or was the sun about
And washed all your colors out?
We can add a fill light there
Or turn down the brightness where
Your shots need them desperately.
We'll make the changes handsomely
In speed and quality you desire
Our skills are all that you require.

No Teenage Editors

There once was a gal who tired
Of the tenth-grader that she hired
We silenced her fears
We've done this for years
Now her teenage editor's retired.

Editing Not Your Forte?

There once was a lady with prints
Whose editing skills made her wince.
She took out the fuss
By hiring us
Trusting our years of experience.

Experienced Editing Team

Are you done with all your photos,
But they didn't come out right?
Do you lack the skills to edit
All the hues and all the light?
Our editors at ColorPoet
Do this all the time.
They have the experience
To make your shots sublime.

Breathe Life Into Your Shots

Has your lovely scene so rich and full
Lost its life and now looks dull?
Are colors you were looking at
No longer fresh and fallen flat?
We'll make the colors you had seen
Pop out as they should have been.
Reds will burn and greens will thrive
And all your colors come alive.

Color Problems?

Are your pictures all askew
with colors every shade and hue?
We'll get them bright
and looking right
and send them back to you.

Get Your Shots Fast

Are you tired of your editing service because
They take longer than your mortgage does?
We'll get them back to you
In just a day or two
And they'll look better than they ever was.

Quick Turnaround

Your client wants their pictures quick,
But your editors don't know that trick.
They can only do your shots in a week or so.
Our editors work hard like you
You'll have them back in a day or two
And your happy clients will continue to grow.

No Minimum Fees

There once was a girl in Washington
Who wanted only two pictures done.
ColorPoet is what she
Used with no minimum fee
Because we'll edit ninety-five or one.

Only What You Need

If I had a dollar for every time
I only needed ten pictures done,
I wouldn't complain about minimum fees
That make me send in a hundred and one.
But now I send them to ColorPoet
Because they don't charge minimum fees.
So whether I want two-hundred or four,
They'll edit as many as I please.

No Minimum Order

We'll process your order, no matter the size.

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We take care of the editing so you can do what you do best: take pictures.

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Quick Turn-around Time

We'll get your order back to you in 36 hours or less.

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Our editors have the talent to make your shots look amazing.

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If you don't like your pictures, you don't pay. No fuss, no muss.

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You'll get your photos back better than you remember.

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Fantastic! I am bowled over by the image quality and the speed of turnaround. You will be getting tons of files from me!

Tony Freeman

Wow! My clients will be thrilled! Great job, as always! Thanks for making me (and my clients) look so good!

Lisa Sullivan

As soon as I saw the first order come back I exhaled deeply and knew that I finally found the company I have been looking for.


This service will save me hours of tedious detailing so that I can get out there and do my job, and utilize my time to take great pictures.

Amy Wiley

I am BLOWN AWAY!!! I ----cannot---- believe that you were able to create the magic that you did. THANK YOU SO MUCH. My client is going to be amazed. THANK YOU!!!

D. from St. Cloud, MN